Integrating SCOM 2016 with Operations Management Suite (OMS)

Many companies still run data center on-premises, although many do have services running in the cloud. This is the so called hybrid data center, a crucial part comes to the monitoring, we want to monitor both on-premises and in the cloud.

With System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) we can extend the monitoring capabilities to the cloud and make use of the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS).

OMS comes as a part of Microsoft Azure, in this guide I will show you how to integrate SCOM with OMS in Microsoft Azure.

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Connecting Orchestrator 2016 to Microsoft Azure

With System Center Orchestrator you can create, configure and automatize many things. In Microsoft Azure there are available runbook activities that can be used once you have successfully created a connection between your Orchestrator and Microsoft Azure.

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Setting up an Azure Backup Vault registration with DPM 2016

Backing up data to the cloud has become more popular lately, in this guide we will register our on-premises System Center Data Protection Manager 2016 (DPM) with Microsoft Azure Backup Vault.

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