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Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2016 has been released!

The Update Rollup 8 for Microsoft System Center 2016 has been released!

The Update Rollup 8 will include fixes for the following System Center components:

  • Data Protection Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Orchestrator
  • Service Manager
  • Virtual Machine Manager

Data Protection Manager (DPM)

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Data Protection Manager service crash with error “The directory is not empty” while failing to delete a replica path during the Garbage Collection process.
  • Restore Operation for SQL workloads fails with an error “Consolidation of recovery points of the replica failed” due to timeout. Introduced registry key to extend timeout value. Refer More Information section for additional details.
  • The backup operation fails when Certificate based authentication is configured and Null Ciphers are disabled.
  • SharePoint backup fails when SQL server is different domain. Refer More Information section for additional details.

Note: A fresh installation of the Update Rollup Agent could cause a restart of the protected server.

KB article: Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager
New Build: 5.0.457.0


Operations Manager (SCOM)

Improvements and issues that are fixed

  • Fixed: In a scenario where SCOM monitors 100s of virtual machines hosted on a single Hyper-v server; every hour the healthservice.exe of each Virtual machine write into the VM page file simultaneously. Due to this concurrent paging, every hour disk I/O increases and database becomes unresponsive. HealthService.exe now have Memory Trimming enabled by default on an hourly schedule. A registry key is provided to disable the memory trimming and control the duration.

Registry key is: “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Setup\MemoryTrimming”

Enable – 0 (Trimming is disabled); 1 (trimming is enabled)

DelayInSeconds – Time period agent waits to start trimming (default is 120s)

PeriodInSeconds – Recurring period at which the working set should be trimmed (default is 3600s)

  • Fixed: Historical data do not appear, if input reporting end time is before group creation time. With this fix, historic data for a group (if data is available for objects in the group) would be displayed irrespective of group creation time.
  • Fixed: Maintenance mode state changes which are recorded in MaintenanceModeStage table requires grooming when table grows. If the table is large, grooming takes longer and the operation times out with SQLTimeOut exception.
  • Fixed: If a group is renamed in a Management pack, then console shows the new value but Powershell command Get-SCOMGroup returns the old name of group. Database Updates functionality was inconsistent for SCOM group renaming through MP and SCOM Console.
    Fixed: CPU Spike issues because of workflows running on all agents at the same time is addressed through script optimization and removing the sync time.
  • Fixed: If the registry key under “Computer\HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Setup\UseMIApi” is set and a Unix/Linux Script task without a parameter is executed then this task fails.
  • Improvement: Sometimes SQL stored procedure “p_SelectForNewTypeCache
    takes long time to complete, and SDK service fails to start. This is fixed and above SQL stored procedure will complete faster now.

KB article:  Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2016 Operations Manager
Download: KB4514877
New build: 7.2.12213.0


Orchestrator (SCORCH)

Issues that are fixed:

  • Runbook performing SQL query activity returns NULL value for the Time and XML column.
  • Exporting and Importing runbooks into upgraded SCO environment returns empty catalogue value in the properties for query database activity.
  • Unable to perform checkout, delete, or rename operations on runbooks when user SID is longer than 50 characters.
  • Orchestrator now depends upon Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL server instead of SQLNCLI.

Before you install this update, make sure new SQL driver (MSOLEDBSQL) is installed on the Management server role. For more information, see the Microsoft OLE DB driver for SQL Server topic on the Microsoft Docs website.

KB article:
 Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2016 Orchestrator
Download: KB4518887
New build: 7.3.327.0


Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

Issues that are fixed:

  • Service deployment through VMM fails if the domain name provided is greater than 15 characters.
  • ‘Get-SCServicingWindow’ PowerShell commandlet fails to return active servicing windows if ‘-ServicingWindowFilter’ parameter is passed with the value ‘now’.
  • When importing a Vmware template for Windows Server 2016, ‘OS Configuration’ option is missing.
    • Note:
      • Once the VMM 2016 UR8 patch is applied, VMware templates needs to be removed and re-imported after a VM refresher job is run for ‘OS configuration’ option to show-up. VM refresher job runs every 30 minutes by default.
      • Virtual Machine performance counters in VMM fails to refresh.
  • Bare Metal Deployment fails with the error ‘There was an error communicating with the endpoint. The server name or address could not be resolved’.
  • When a host in untrusted domain is managed by VMM, events with ID ‘15030’ and ‘17140’ is logged in ‘Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-V-VMMS/Admin’ event channel every 30 minutes.
  • Cross Cluster Migration fails for highly available VMware VMs managed in VMM.
  • VMM does not detect the OS version of Windows client if the version is 1709 or greater.
  • QOS settings set out of band is overwritten by VMM.
  • Operations performed on a VM may fail in an environment which uses DHCP for IP address assignment while having VMM manage the same IP address range.
  • Concurrent operations on Network Controller managed VMs may fail.
  • Network Interface Card properties set OOB may get overwritten by a VMM VM refresher job in SDN v2 environment.
  • The VLAN/subnet pairs under ‘Logical network connectivity’ sub-menu of Host Network adapter properties are unselected.
  • VMM console crashes when a self-service user enumerates properties of a VM with shared disk.
  • Updates to memory and processor of a VM fails when an update is performed on VM disk at the same time.
  • SCVMM service may crash when multiple VMs are created concurrently.
  • Deprecated VMM MP classes are instantiated when VMM is integrated with Operations Manager 2016 and above.
  • Multiple VMs can be deployed concurrently from a VM stored in VMM Library Server.
  • Performance improvements in time taken for Static IP pool creation.

New Features
VMM 2016 UR8 has the following new functionalities added:

  • Ability to Deploy Gen-2 VMs with memory up to 12TB and processor up to 240 cores.


Service Manager (SCSM)

Issues that are fixed:

  • Fixes an issue that occurs when you create requests that include files as attachments in Self Service Portal that generates erroneous failure messages when the requests are successfully generated.
  • The user inputs while submitting a service request offering are now persisted in case of validation failures except file attachments and query results.
  • Filtering in the My Requests page has been enhanced to also search the Description of the requests in addition to their ID, Title and Status.
  • The email link in the Self-Service Portal has been fixed to compose the mail with the right ‘To’ address
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the user to input HTML tag characters in the request details page in Internet Explorer.
  • Made enhancements to improve the start-up time of the SDK service

KB article: Update Rollup 8 for System Center 2016 Service Manager
Download: KB4516987
New build: 7.5.7487.176


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