Updating System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) from 1801 to 1807

The first update rollup is out for the new System Center Data Protection Manager, and in this blog post I will be going through on how to update from DPM 1801 to 1807.

More information regarding the Update Rollup 1 for System Center Data Protection Manager can be found in the link below:



  • System Center Data Protection Manager, version 1801 (5.1.363.0).


Checking the DPM version

Before starting we will check the current version of our DPM, this can be done by first opening the System Center DPM Administrator Console and then in the upper left corner click on Help and then click on About Data Protection Manager…


We have now made sure that DPM 1801 (version 5.1.363.0) is installed, we can now start our update process.


Installing the DPM 1807 update

The installation of the update will be performed on the DPM server itself.

  1. Firstly let’s download the Update Rollup 1 for System Center Data Protection Manager, it can be downloaded from here.
  2. Once we’ve successfully downloaded the update, let’s locate it our downloaded files.
  3. To install the update, we will need to run the Detectoid for System Center Data Protection Manager Server-all-dataprotectionmanager, which is also the largest file by size.
  4. Right click the file and then choose Run as administrator.
  5. We should now have a installation window in front of us, click Next to continue.Note: Any jobs that are in progress or that are scheduled during our installation of the update will fail.
    This installation will also backup our DPM database as stated in the window.


  6. Finally we’ll see the Microsoft software license terms window.
  7. To start installing, check I accept and then click Install to install the update.
  8. Once the installation is complete, click Close to exit the installation wizard.dpm_1807_10
  9. We will now be prompted saying you must restart your computer to complete the update process.dpm_1807_11
  10. Now let’s restart our DPM server.
  11. After the server has been restarted, let’s now open our Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager console.
  12. It takes some seconds before the console opens up entirely, so don’t get worried if a gray window like below shows up at first:
  13. Once the console has opened up entirely it should look more or less identical to the earlier version.
  14. We can now check to see that we have the latest version installed. Click on Help which is found in the upper left corner, then click About Data Protection Manager…dpm_1807_16
  15. We should now see that we have the latest version of DPM installed, version 5.1.378.0 (the previous version was 5.1.363.0).dpm_1807_17

We have now successfully updated System Center Data Protection Manager from 1801 to 1807!

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4 thoughts on “Updating System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) from 1801 to 1807”

  1. Could you post information on how to upgrade the Remote Admin Console after updating the server? I can not seem to figure out how to get it to update, therefore I have a error ID939 when launching the Remote Console from my workstation.

    Thank you

    1. Found my own answer:
      To update the Remote Management Shell on your workstation.
      1. Extract the “dpmmanagementshell2016-kbXXXXXXX_*..”
      2. Run the DPMMANAGEMENTSHELL2016-KB4456327.MSP

      1. Hi Mike,

        Sorry I didn’t have time to see your message, glad you found out though!
        Yes you run the dpmmanagementshell2016-kbXXXXXXX.exe from the correspondant Update Rollup to update your Remote Management Console 🙂

        Best regards,

  2. They have missed DPMBackup.exe in version 1807 which is very helpful to backup quickly rather than other methods,

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